Fat Girls Are Easier To Fuck

It was a cold day in Farmington Hills, MI. I was joined in the media room by 3 young men, none of which I know, and 5 females, including the young lady I was visiting. While the other males sat near each other discussing rather idiotic and unfounded views, I sat on a stool near the pool table with a young lady standing between my legs. “I know I’m slim, but it’s still something back there,” she said. I laughed as she and her size 6 and below group of friends looked at themselves as if they were superior. One of the dudes on the couch spoke up, “I like my women petite and in shape. I ain’t fucking no fat bitches.” His friend continued, “niggas just hit fat girls ’cause they are easier to fuck.” My face dropped. My voice could no longer be contained. I wasn’t here to have a discussion with men, but my need to debunk ignorance came through, “Are you serious?,” I asked. “Hell yea.”

According to the Office of Minority Health, 79.8% of African-American Women are overweight/obese. In medical terms, fat is a synonym for being overweight. However, studies have shown that the BMI (Body Mass Index) does not account for women who have extra weight in the breast and Gluteus Maximus areas. It is important to define what fat is before you proceed with a blanket statement such as, ‘fat girls give up the pussy quicker, because they are desperate.’ What most men I know would define as thick, another man would call a hamburger away from Aretha Franklin. For the sake of argument, we’ll say fat deals with women who fall into the obese BMI range.

Desperation and low self-esteem are not directly tied to weight, anymore than being a mom who is single. One of the definitions of desperate is; involving or employing extreme measures in an attempt to escape defeat or frustration. In dating terms, a woman would be desperate if she was so thirsty and needy for a man, that she would accept anyone. Contrary to popular belief, there are a lot of overweight women, with a WHOLE LOT OF OPTIONS.

The proof is in the pudding. Young men often date women based on how the world will perceive them, more specifically, their friends. Older men usually go after what they like, regardless of what anyone else thinks. If you go anywhere where black men are, the woman who’s body fills up her clothing the best gets the most attention. Most of your mothers are overweight and men are still trying to fuck them, but would you define your mom as easy?

I could provide simple facebook examples, but in an effort not to offend anyone, let’s take two imaginary women. Both ladies are decent looking in the face, they dress similar, and both have nice smiles. One of the ladies is slim the other is overweight with a gut, but most of her fat rest in her ass and titties. The slim lady will have some number of compliments, the lady with the fatter ass will have HUNDREDS of compliments and an over flowing inbox of men trying to “get at her.” The fat woman is obviously not desperate. Her options are only limited by how many men see her in a day.

A woman’s penetration difficulty is not based on her weight, but several other key factors, such as, but no limited to: how she feels about herself, morals, religious beliefs, sexuality, and your ability to make her feel comfortable. I’ve had sex with a few women in my day and believe me, I met a more than a few size 2’s that swallow semen on the first night. You’d be better off trying to make the case that if a woman is not attractive that she’s also easier to have sex with, but that is also untrue. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and self worth is not something you can attach to how you feel someone else looks. Just because you see a woman and think, “she’s fat and ugly” doesn’t mean that she feels ugly. She may know she’s overweight, but she still loves herself enough not to let ‘Dre’ run through her like a hooker.

So who are the easiest women to fuck? Prostitutes. Second to them would be lonely women with low self-esteem, attention crazed females, and groopies. These women don’t fall into any sort of physical groupings. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Lauren London let Lil’ Wayne ejaculate in her vagina and they weren’t even committed, let alone seriously dating. So is she desperate? All we know is that she’s nice looking, but we have no idea what her self worth is.

Men have a bad habit, and some women as well, of thinking that just because a particular woman was easy to fuck for one of us, that she’s easy to fuck for all of us. News flash kid, you’re NOT me. You’re not Him or Him. I’d be an idiot to think I was special, as if we all couldn’t run through a hoe, but as Lil’ Wayne so brilliantly stated, “I know plenty freaky hoes that probably won’t fuck ya.” Sorry to break the news to you, but Trey Songz probably could have had sex with your girlfriend the first night he took her back to the hotel, while you had to take her out 5 times to get a kiss on the cheek. On the same token, I’m pretty sure I’ve unsuccessfully tried to go after women that another man at one point in time, had sex with without really trying. One of my boy’s only fucks strippers, for free, and none of them are fat. Not to mention strippers have more options than anyone. So why are they so easy for him and difficult for you?

Back to the media room, I’m basically saying what I just said, standing next to the girl who I’ve already had sex with who is slim and attractive. I had sex with her the first night we were alone with one another, with no real discussions before those events took place. The boys on the couch were a part of that, “do you have some friends to bring?”, so of course, they don’t know anything about getting box. I rudely asked one of them, “So how long do you think it’s going to take you to fuck ******?” She looked at me with the evil eye while he laughed. When she left the room, he finally answered me, “how long would it take? It already happened.” I responded, “so ****** isn’t fat. She’s the cutest chick in the room with a body like Deon Sander’s wife and you fucked her in less than two days, so what does being fat have to do with it?”


13 thoughts on “Fat Girls Are Easier To Fuck

  1. What u said about perception is OH so true!
    In my country, i am considered above average weight, most ppl here like the skinnies – gross.
    But anyways, in other countries i’ve visited and in conversations i’ve had with people, they were looking at me like i was mental when i told them this.
    So, whatever the woman is, i doubt her getting any has to do with her looks AS MUCH as with the way she looks at herself.
    Sheesh, i’ve seen VERY unattractive people (just saying – lol) coupled up and showing each other all the love in the world, so i guess it’s whatever rocks your boat!

  2. I 100% agree!! Weight has nothing to do with it AT ALL! It depends on the girl! But there are a lot of guys that think bigger girls are sooooooo insecure and in need of love and blah blah blah!! Sometimes I wish every ignorant a**hole on the earth would drop dead!! Ughhh

      1. Actually im not but im not a size 0 size 8 and if that is considered fat then ok!! But even if I was fat that was super rude to say!

  3. UH, you’ve got it all wrong, Fat *WHITE* Girls are easier to f*ck. Trust me, down here in Raleigh i see plenty of niggas kickin it with Rosie O’Donnell daily. SMH at these boys.

  4. All I can say is Amen and you hit the nail on the head. Its good to see someone set these ignorant people straight even if it is one convo.

  5. When i think fat i think sdib, when i think thick i think trina, and when i think slim with a nice bikini body i think shakira circa hips don’t lie era.Fat in the u.s is usually not a sexually desired trait.I couldn’t have sex with an unfit/fat dude, a beer belly is a serious turn off to me as are man boobs.The same fat guy could be getting plenty of sex and not be desperate but definetly wont be getting it from me.So i guess dude waa one of those guys that thinks fat sdibe like girls barely arouse any one sexually.Anyways, i agree that easy is such a relative term i know virgins in their 20s that admit they would give it to boris kodjoe. Everyone is easy for someone.

  6. I don’t know where you’re from, but guys where I’m from aren’t shy at all. That means that women that are hot get hit on relentlessly, while fat chicks mostly get I-couldn’t-find-nothing-else texts. Of course, if this post is just to get you more fat chick ass, I understand.

  7. Haha I know what you mean. Fat chicks are really easy to fuck but at the same time I have noticed form different dating sites that fat chicks can be very arrogant because after getting fucked by guys they think they deserve better and set their standards higher.

    1. “…fat chicks can be very arrogant because after getting f****d by guys they think they deserve better and set their standards higher.”

      Truer words have never been spoken

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