Daddy's Little Girl

No disrespect to any of the wonderful ladies out in the world that were raised by good mothers without a father or male role model in the home, but this one isn’t about you.

I honestly believe women that grew up in a 2 parent household, where there was TRUE love and mutual respect, are better life long partners. Now wait, I’m not even marriage material right now, so my opinion of how great a woman is means nothing since I’m not going to commit to only having sex with her, but if I was……I think I’d have to find a girl that had her pops around.

Women who got to see their mothers honor their fathers for all of their life, tend to just know when to shut the heck up and let their man be a man. They tend to be less dependent on men, because their father reared them to be a go getter and never have to depend on a dude. At least this has been my experience in various types of relationships. Father’s, even the ones who aren’t really doing the right things in life, usually love their daughters more than anything else.

Now be clear, just because a man loves his daughter, and his woman/wife, doesn’t mean he didn’t have an affiar or cheat with random strippers or this that and the third. It just means that when it came to keeping things in tact at home, he did his job the best he knew how. I think that leaves a lasting impression on a young girl that she should be treated like a princess, to an extent. The other half comes from seeing how her mother treated her father, the respect and love she gave him. The way she held the family together during problems and stuff like that.

I took a look back at my current main and my most recent ex’s, and I noticed that they all came from two parent households. Now some may say, “if they were raised so right, how the h*ll did they end up messing with you?” Well, I really don’t have an answer to that. Perhaps it’s the fact that I’m actually a good guy, I just won’t settle down with one woman, especially sexually.

Most of the women I dealt with that just grew up with their moms running the house are a handful. People don’t like to hear this, but if your mom has 3 kids, by 3 different dudes, it’s not the dudes anymore…….it’s her. So what example is she setting for her daughter? what structure? She’s showing that it’s ok to have sex with these men and not hold any of them responsible. To continuously let men come in and out of your life without contributing to it at all, I call them dick hungry. The effect is a warped mindset my generations African-American women. It’s all about them, it’s all about impressing other girls with their silly cheap fashion brands. It’s all about “niggas ain’t shit” and never about them not being shit.

At the end, it’s a double-edged sword. The same women I tend to like for certain qualities, are the same women who won’t stick around for too long, because they are unwilling to deal with my inability to committ, or atleast act like I will.


10 thoughts on “Daddy's Little Girl

  1. This really shows off your intelligence and ability to express yourself. I come from a loving two-parent home, and I have observed some of the same characteristics you described in men. I hate to see a man who is lacking confidence, strength, and “home training” because his father wasn’t around.

  2. What up:

    Ahhh so its going to be interesting to see the reaction you get from this one. My first thoughts are though i know you arent saying everyone is like this but i get the vibe that you are generalizing. I respect your opinon though and im glad you were man enough to say it.

    I personally think that every body wants what they want when they want it. People with parents that are together have issues. Every one is selfish to some extent. The diffrence is some people just think about it, but dont do it in real life so they never lose their “integrity”. Then some dudes/women think about doing something selfish and act on it and get caught and totally get caughth up and lose their “integrity”. But in the end i just dont think any person is better than another. We all are learning life. Parents can tell you how to live life but people are going to live life the way they want and going to experience it themselves. The funny thing is you are having sex with all these women and you think you are a good dude. Im sure a woman that cheats on her man or is selfish and needy feel like they are good people also, and probably feel like am i wrong for being the way i am? For example. The girl you said who might have three babies. Yeah after three babies she has to take some blame but so should the selfish guys who got in them ass cheecks to. Brothers be thinking they should get some snatch with no strings attached. And in a perfect world that would be great. But brothers sometimes be going raw sausage in these chicks [giving them that ole, im gonna show them whats really good dick…. (I know cuz that was once me lol) and end up knocking them up or end up leading them on that you are really into them relationship wise. Women do some bullshit to but in this case i was giving an example of how guys try to pull it with women and be mad cuz a woman be sweating him or trying to control them, because she wants them to act right as she sees. I guess im trying to say its a lot of girls out here with children or that have matured enough to know how to treat a man and respect a man and not think its not only about them. Unfortunately i think that most times when a couple gets together one of them are settling, or one like the other a little more or a little less, so thats when people get to taking for granted of each other or taking advantage of each other. Because we all settle to say we settling down. Then we expect people to understand when really we want something else anyway so even if they do what you want you still are going to want something or someone else. Though i think how you are brought up is a factor i just think most people will settle because in a way its cheaper and you dont have a lot of confusion by continuously letting new pwople come in your life intimately. Let me know what you think.

    Marriage and love is a joke in my opinion, because the tradition of it and the story line is old and not realistic in the 21st century. Here is my sweeping generalization.
    I dont think MOST women like
    1. Sex (unless they are trying to get you do be their boyfriend, they did something wrong or disrespectful to you, or you broke up with them and they want you back so they try to have sex and women have a unspoken word that when they have sex with you you guys are basically together.
    2.Sucking Dick- Women act like they like to do it but i think they are fronting. I will say that some women seem to like it but im even cynical of that. But see my first point for the reasons women act like they like it so much.
    3.Understanding- Women want understanding but i think they want you to only understand them because they feel like they are the only ones right at times. You can give a woman everything they want and they still aint happy. (but then again guys are the same way, but im going to stick with my generalization cuz it fits.

    My observation comes from a cynical and bitter place so im probably wrong but what ever on all that thats how i feel.

    So me and you might get some sour comments but F that its your opinon on your blog and my opinion to.
    Mr Fugi is out

    BTW.. I like the new songs they are dope

    I hope you do a blog about being in love. I think it lasts no longer than a year. But i think you can love (care) someone for a lifetime.

    keep doing your thing, i will keep trying to play devils advocate

  3. Fugi man…….stop trying to take over my blog with these long responses, lol. Why did I slip up and tell a girl I was working on this site today, and she was like……”oh I love that blog, and hate it at the same time”, lol.

  4. my bad, i guess i got to much time on my hands. Your life is a lot more interesting than mine lol.

    Im sure a lot of woman feel that way. You might be their guilty pleasure. A lot of woman might hate you yet want to sleep with you because of the mystique. All the women like superstars or unattainable men. (Another sweeping generalization) That might be one of your stories one day. You wont get another book report response from me though lol.

  5. an interesting life would be helping kids or something, making a positive difference in folks life………my life is just money, cars, and women.

  6. I feel you Un cause the single-mother chicks hear their mothers constantly berate men, and so they believe what they hear. Not realizong that their own fucked up attitudes play a part in why they are treated the way they are (A Part I said b4 all you squirrels get offended in here). Mr Fugi, I don’t think that Uns dealing with multiple women make hin a bad dude. He’s honest with all of them. Don’t sleep on these checks. Watch Maury. Chicks come on there talking about they are a million percent sure a dude is the father then they end up on there like six or seven times still looking for their babydaddy…Now who is REALLY out there lying!!!!!

  7. LOLz please dont ask why I’m up at this time when I had a long ass day.
    I do the weirdest things when I’m sleepy
    But I read the above comments about how interesting your life is.

    You talk about sex alot so I guess thats the interesting part but like you said working with kids is far more interesting..

    I should start blogging about my life as a CPS for the city, the things a I see, hear and do on a daily basis are just crazy.

    I’m not downing your site because its actually pretty funny and entertaining but it makes me wonder about what goes on in peoples head now a days….life does appear to be all about sex, money and cars if your not careful enough to slow down and appreciate other things like seeing an old couple, or a black father crossing the street with a stroller in one hand and another kid in the other….
    But I do have a challenge for you, let me know how many nice, simple things you see people doing that dont include sex that makes you smile (and plz not some chick with a fat ass walking down the street)

    ok time for bed..court in the morning 😉

    1. lol, you got all deep with me huh?

      Without airing out every little detail about my life, I’ll lists a few things besides “fat asses” that makes me happy. Making money, lol. Sike nah. Talking to my grandma makes me happy, I love her to death. Old couples on the river front. Kids with those shoes that are skates, I think they are called Heely’s. Lastly, IRONICALLY, grown black men with a family that are faithful to their WIVES, have a good career, and are a good example to young men (shouts out to Micah).

  8. good job. I wish I could talk to my granny on a regular basis 😦

    either way nice to know you have more than one head
    … ok so today what made me happy is (lolz not that you asked)helping this mother search for her daughter who may have ran off to be with an older man.
    We didnt find her but we’re getting close..


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